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It is our belief that public health is best achieved when all people have access to shelter, health care, clean air, clean water, clean food, education and live in a time of peace.

The Curry Stone Foundation is a charitable foundation. Most of our funding goes to individuals already working towards healthy community, who are undertaking a particular innovative single or series of tangible projects. It is our intention to increase the impact of these creative and constructive individuals by supporting them, personally, as they seek to undertake a visionary approach at the fulcrum of change.

Some Frequent Questions

Q. Who are Cliff Curry and Delight Stone?

Clifford Curry is an architect who graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Design. Cliff's professional career has been as a principal architect for the retirement housing industry pioneer William Colson. Three hundred senior–living communities have been built by Colson and partners across the United States, Canada, and England. In 2007 this group of retirement housing complexes sold. This sale allowed for the initial funding of the Curry Stone Foundation. Cliff Curry continues his practice, Curry Architecture, doing retirement housing for the new owners. He enjoys riding his bicycle and cross country skiing.

Delight Stone is a historical archaeologist, wife, mother, and community activist. Her activism has been local, national, and international. It includes work in archaeological preservation, public health, and environmental and social justice volunteer work with the Reclaiming group Living River, North Santiam Watershed Council, and the Guadalupe Medical Clinic. She enjoys reading mystery books and cooking.

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