Our Granting Guidelines

The Curry Stone Foundation is a charitable foundation with three board members. Most of our funding goes to projects submitted by individuals already working towards healthy community. The new project must be particularly innovative. It is our intention to increase the impact of these creative and constructive individuals with this funding support, as they seek to undertake a visionary approach at the fulcrum of change.

Our grant guidelines are in accord with the Foundation Mission. Towards this end, each board member on the following criteria will judge each grant being considered:

  1. — Is the individual already, currently, working towards healthy community?
  2. — Does the individual have a record of working towards healthy community?
  3. — Is their proposed project innovative?
  4. — Is the proposed project a creative undertaking?
  5. — Is the proposed project capable of being realized?
  6. — Does the proposed project move people towards our vision of public health?
  7. — Is the proposed project understandable?
  8. — Does the proposed project have measurable or observable criteria?
  9. — Does the foundation have funds for this?
  10. — Is the proposal within a workable time frame for the foundation?
  11. — Does the proposed project have neighborhood impact?
  12. — Does the proposed project have local community impact?
  13. — Does the proposed project have regional impact?
  14. — Does the proposed project have national impact?
  15. — Does the proposed project have international impact?
  16. — Does the proposed project diverge enough from other grants that have been given in past years or the current year?
  17. — Does this proposed project recognize a vision of community that is respectful of diversity of peoples?
  18. — Can the applicant provide a 501(c) 3 organization (or this type of organization) that contributes an administrative oversight for this project?
  19. — Does funding support the individual proposing this project?

The foundation plans on spending five percent of the earnings from the foundation principal. Awards will be considered twice a year (first week of October and first week of March) and granted twice a year. The Board operates using consensus. Board members will recuse themselves from deciding on awards involving projects that they are fiscally involved with.

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